Monday, May 16, 2011

How Radical Are Bahrain's Shi'a?

I have an article up today on the Foreign Affairs website that integrates several different posts here but especially relates to the April 21 article, "Where Are All the Islamists in Bahrain?"

Click above to read.

Update: the Egyptian Al-Wafd now has an Arabic summary/partial translation.


  1. Your commentary and analysis has been very insightful. Great to see that you are getting your solid, thorough and nuanced analysis published.

  2. Thanks -- and it only took 4 months or so!

  3. Thanks for the article. I'm a Bahrini, and I can say that since the first crackdown in feb 17 -4 deaths in total- and most of the protesters -which of course are the most of citizens- change their demand from constitutional monarchy to have a republic.

    So I don't have to say that the number now became much bigger after the enter of Saudi troops and after the unbelievable dirty campaign against the opposition & the Shia from the regime and its trolls.

    The don't want an islamic republic like Iran, this is just what the regime is saying to have the Sunnis on its side, they just want a republic that everyone inside it is under the law, they didn't want a constitutional monarchy with a king which has ordered his army to kill them with no mercy, and I don't think that this is extremism.

    If the people of Bahrain have the opportunity to have a referendum under the supervision of the united nations to choose their regime freely, I don't think that most of them will prefer to have a criminal king by choosing a constitutional monarchy rather than having a republic.

  4. Congratulations! Great piece, nice accomplishment.

    Last time we talked, you had one chapter to go on the dissertation. The adviser in me says don't forget to finish.

  5. Indeed. Don't worry -- I've made good progress since we've talked. The FA piece actually was mostly written before I left Doha even.

    Thanks for the message, and I hope your trip went well.


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