Sunday, October 2, 2011

Good News from Bahrain

Having not had access to the Internet (or news generally) for the past week while relocating to Doha, I was greeted today with the prison sentences handed down to the Salmaniyyah doctors and nurses, decisions that can only be described as being among "Bahrain's several steps towards reinforcing tolerance and reconciliation" taken in previous days, weeks, and months.

Additional good news includes the fact that Bahrain has now increased to four the number of districts it has manufactured for female parliamentarians, ranking it among the most women-friendly countries in the world.

Perhaps in view of this clear step toward democracy in Bahrain, the United States has gone ahead with its planned $53 million arms sale despite the universally-condemned doctors/nurses sentences, supplying the country with much-needed anti-tank missiles and Humvees for its ongoing tank battle with Shi'a protesters, who have just unveiled an entire secret division of Russian T-90s hiding in the A'ali Mall parking lot.

What's that? You say you didn't know Bahrain's opposition commanded Russian-supplied main battle tanks that required anti-tank missiles to deal with? Please consult the following:

Finally, Bahrain TV has announced that it is to begin several new programs next week, including the highly-anticipated reality series "Traitor or No Traitor?" which allows viewers to call in to vote to decide the fates of protesters and detainees. This show will also save the Ministry of Justice considerable money in the cost of running courts and trials, freeing up funds for additional anti-tank missiles from the U.S., whose investment the Bahrainis continue to court intensively with a five-day "investment roadshow" (not to be confused with an Antiques Roadshow) across the United States.

Let me guess: First stop: Boeing Headquarters. Second stop: Northrop Grumman. Third Stop: Raytheon. Who says the U.S. doesn't produce anything anymore? We produce missiles, silly. Missiles and democracy.

Update: Obviously the Gulf Daily News doesn't read this blog, or else they would not question the democracy-promotion abilities of the U.S. The GDN reports that Mahmud Al Mahmud, head of the parliamentary Human Rights Committee, has called on the U.S. government to release those arrested for blocking traffic in New York as part of their Wall Street protest, a police action he describes as "trampling on democracy."

Update 2: For those looking for election results (as if they somehow matter), they are here: Round 1. Round 2.

Update 3: Today's Iran-hysteria image brought to you by Al-Watan:

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