Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Awaiting a Response

There seems to be anticipation building, at least in Bahrain, regarding a possible response from Iran to the "joint GCC force" (999 Saudis plus one Emirati, it sounds like) sent to Bahrain.

The initial statement from the Foreign Ministry is not particularly strongly-worded, despite it's title ("The Iranian Foreign Ministry Denounces Foreign Interference in Bahrain"). It simply stresses the need for the Bahraini government to heed "the demands of the majority of the Bahraini people" (hrm, I wonder who that would be?) and to avoid foreign interference, etc.

Ordinary Shi'a seem to be split over the need for outside help. Bahraini Ayatallah Muhammad Sanad has released a statement in which he sends a "distress call" to "the international community," "rights organizations," and "regional parties" (hrm, I would who that would be?) in light of the "invasion of the Saudi army" and other foreign mercenaries in Bahrain.

The "Coalition for a Republic" of Bahrain also released a statement referencing the "invasion of Saudi Arabia" as well as U.S. interference (i.e., the recent visit of Gates), but makes no reference to Iran or "regional parties." Opposition forums are full of debates over the relative merits of seeking help abroad.

It would appear, then, that the anticipation is simply that--anticipation--rather than a shared hope that the Iranians will somehow become more involved. In either case, the ball now is in their court.

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