Monday, March 14, 2011

The Saudis Cometh

Multiple outlets (here is The Guardian) are reporting that the inevitable is upon us: Saudi forces are preparing to enter Bahrain, apparently "invited" by the Crown Prince.

Perhaps they were "invited," but I think they would probably have come even had they not been. I have long said that the Saudis would sooner take over administration of Bahrain personally than let it fall to the opposition. The latter option would cause too many problems in the Eastern Governorate.

Let's hope that the Saudis will somehow show more restraint in dealing with protesters than I think they will.

We could soon see the Saudis in Bahrain and also in northern Yemen, assuming 'Ali Abdullah goes the way of Mubarak and Bin 'Ali. I think neither population will be happy to see them.

Update: Al-Arabiyyah now reports that the GCC as a whole "will participate in the maintenance of security" in Bahrain. I'll believe that when I see Omani and Kuwaiti flags on helmets.

At the same time, opposition forums are circulating directives to delay action today so as to figure out what the heck is going on. Either way people seem fired up to meet the Al Sa'ud.

The Saudis have now upped the ante. Let's see if protesters reach out for backup of their own.

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