Friday, March 18, 2011

Calling All (Iranian) Volunteers

It's hard to know whether to take it seriously (why would it's main banner be in English, for example?), but this site claims to be an Iranian "registrar for martyrdom volunteers for dispatch to Bahrain," with a supposed 1,310 already signed up! I found the link on a prominent opposition forum. From the Iranian Internet authority, it looks like the domain information was created--or at least most recently updated--on February 8, 2011, well before recent events.

I can't read Farsi, so I'm not sure exactly what the sign-up form says (though I do see some references to Al Sa'ud and Al Khalifa), but I'm sure it's good stuff. If someone is able, please enlighten us.

Also, if you're looking for 200 or so gory pictures of those killed and injured in Bahrain over the past weeks, this is your place.

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